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A Healthy Buffet?

Thank you to Mark Schoepp, of Realign to the Design, for providing our first guest post, focused on wellness! More information about Mark follows this post.

"Healthy Buffet" seems like an oxymoron. But that is what I hope you’ll have here: a buffet of posts about practical ways to stay healthy.  How do we give God our best? One area we can focus on is caring for our body – doesn’t he call it his temple? What kind of temple do you want to be?

New Years resolutions have settled in - or have been forgotten. Good health is not about one thing, one silver bullet. But neither does it have to be overly complicated. My blog posts (from a project for church worker health) are grouped around three main categories: exercise, what we eat and play/rest/sleep. If you get those things in order, good health will generally follow. What a concept: when we live inside God’s design, our lives are way better and God gets the glory! However, I don’t mean to imply that ‘simple' means ‘easy’.  The forces against good health are many. I’ll give you specific links to a few of my favorite posts and hope you like something from the buffet. Bon appetit!

Exercise… nine overall posts. I like the one on Lifestyle Exercise - exercise is critical; how do you get it in every-day kinds of ways.  And the post about Standing Desks is interesting. I’ve converted to a standing desk and still don’t have a permanent solution (think cardboard boxes) but I know I work much more efficiently for much longer when I stand.

Diet – twenty different posts overall.  I like the one on Food as Medicine and a follow up post as well that describes an M.D in Minneapolis who is prescribing actual food instead of pharmaceuticals. There's a post about helpful medical professionals, the ones who really ‘get it’ when it comes to prevention vs disease management. And what about how we choose what ends up on our plate? There are a couple posts around Calorie Density, both by nutrition label and by food group (how to get the most nutrients packed into an appropriate amount of calories). There’s also some posts on the importance of feeling full, and affording organic food.  And I mentioned the pressures against good health: that would certainly include a look at sugar, and addictive foods, plus the advertising hype we face in every aisle. And at least half the population has decided they need to supplement their diet with vitamins and more.  How do you decide ‘if’, and then ‘what'?

Play – eight posts overall.  More posts coming around ‘Sabbath', but for now I like the posts on how the evidence is piling up on the importance of free play and for slowing down.

Blessings on your health journey.

Mark Schoepp was trained as a Director of Christian Education and served four different parishes but also managed to actually juggle for a living with his wife and four kids for twenty years as Fitz Family Ministries.  Towards the end of his active career he served as a health educator and PR person for Wheat Ridge Ministries. He is now officially retired and works freelance around health and wellness concerns in congregations, advocates for church worker health, and works with his wife for a nutritional supplement company, NeoLife

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