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Guest Post: How to Retain Good Employees

Thank you to Mindy Stern, of AIM Resource Group, Inc., for contributing this guest post on retention of employees. More information about Mindy follows this post. 

Employee turnover is expensive not only because of the cost of replacing the departing employee, but turnover can decrease performance and morale of the remaining staff. Use the suggestions below to help retain your good employees:

#1 Hire Correctly: Before you begin looking for your next employee make sure you are clear about what their responsibilities will be and what key skills the new employee will need to be successful in their job. When speaking with candidates, be honest about your expectations and organizational culture to gauge if they will be a good fit for the job.

#2 Professional Development: It is important to provide skill development to all levels of employees. Not only does training keep your employees engaged, but it can keep them up to date on communication skills and industry specific developments that will help them be successful at their jobs. Informed employees can perform their jobs more effectively while increasing their job satisfaction levels.

#3 Recognize Your Employees: Don’t take your staff for granted. Take the time to recognize their accomplishments with a simple thank you note or a sincere praising statement like “You continue to amaze me with your attention to details. I could not have completed this project without your help.” When your staff feels appreciated they will strive to exceed expectations. If your budget allows, include small tokens of appreciation like gift cards or certificates to encourage future performance.

Mindy Stern, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, ACC is a trusted HR advisor, career and leadership coach, author, speaker and president of AIM Resource Group Inc. Visit the website at or call 718-217-1074 if you would like to learn more about leadership or provide leadership training to your staff.

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