An UPDATE From James Dhyne!


The LSA board, myself and cluster coordinators continue to move ahead in restructuring the organization to better meet the needs of Lutheran Schools,  going through the process of hiring an executive director, planning future events and completing the day to day and monthly tasks for which it is responsible.  

As mentioned in the previously, there is a need to change/suspend some of the upcoming scheduled events. Our Annual Dinner, scheduled at Concordia on May 16, has been suspended. Plans are underway exploring alternative ways to celebrate our Years of Service and “....... of the year” award recipients and where and when this will take place. Please continue to nominate educators for “........of the year” and administrators please send in your years of service (5,10,15,,,,,,) for your faculty and staff. 

Although change can sometimes make us uncomfortable, now is an excellent time to evaluate and explore, to clearly chart the future path for LSA and its member schools, assist our Lutheran school communities and effectively accomplish what needs to happen to strengthen our schools.

Please pay close attention to the following items: 

April Leader’s Conference: “Sexual Harassment” and “Bullying in the Workplace”
Our (Friday) April 27 conference is a perfect time to come together and be better educated as a leader. Led by Mindy Stern, who provides our HR hotline, this session will focus on these timely and important topics: “Sexual Harassment” and “Bullying in the Workplace.” School Administrators and Pastors are encouraged to attend.

The workshop will be held at the Life Church in Westbury, 1 Old Westbury Road, Westbury, NY 11568.The fee for the workshop is $50 and will include a light breakfast and lunch. Participants will receive a certificate for service hours.

Registration information will be available on the LSA website beginning February 26th. Participants can pay by credit card on the website or forward their check, made payable to St. John’s Lutheran Church to Roseann Scheel,1 Van Roo Avenue, Merrick, NY 11566.

Please feel free to contact Roseann Scheel or Kathleen Leich at (516) 378-4322 for additional conference information.
Hope to see you there!!

Annual Dinner - Suspended 


Potentially Important Information for New York City Schools

Good morning all,
FY’18 ordering for the New York State Loan Programs for this school year 2017-2018 is coming to a close. Please be advised that the last day for non-public schools to submit their orders in the FAMIS portal for all four State Loan Programs (NYSTL, NYSSL, NYSLIB and NYSCH)  will be Wednesday, March 28, 2018. Schools should also be aware that the last day to transfer funds between loan programs will be on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

In addition please be sure to stress to your schools that submission of their annual Loan Request and Enrollment Certificate (LREC)  for SY 2017-2018, if it was not submitted in the fall, must be on file (original signed forms) with the DOE, NPS State Support Group office, no later than Monday, March 12, 2018.  This form is important in verifying accurate allocation levels and will be required for early participation in FY’19 ordering for next school year. Each June many schools encountered delays in early ordering because they did not submit the form as required.

We strongly urge all schools to place their orders well in advance of the March 28 deadline.  An earlier submission will allow NPS staff to help school staff resolve any issues that are encountered during the ordering process prior to the ordering deadline when the system is heavily used.

Please be sure to share this important information; the upcoming deadline dates and the necessity to spend down all State funding as soon as possible with your respective schools.

 SY 2017-2018 NYSTL Loan Programs for Non Public Schools
Last day to submit to NPS State Support Group FY 18 DOELoan Request and Enrollment Certificate (LREC) and Principal’s Statement of Assurances: Monday, March 12, 2018
Last day to “Transfer Funds” (budget mods) between loan programs: Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Deadline to submit orders in the FAMIS portal for all four loan programs: Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you all for your continued support in helping our schools spend their State funding to the fullest.

Donna M. Marto
Director, Office of School Services
Division of Financial Operations
New York City Department of Education
65 Court Street, Room 1402
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tele: 718-935-3650
Fax:  718-935-2171