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September 19, 2016


Dear NJ School Leader,

     As you read this note, your school is likely buzzing with the start of a new school year. As your staff begins this year, we’d like to remind you that you need not go it alone. Lutheran Schools Association is committed to listening to your needs and providing opportunities that strengthen individual and collective ministry. Allow me to share a few exciting events and services for the coming school year:

  • Effective Employment Practices will be reprised this fall at The Wartburg in Mount Vernon on Thursday, September 29th. School leaders and pastors, as well as Board members will find this workshop day useful as you learn best practices for hiring to termination, and all that happens in between. Register here.
  • This year’s annual conference, “Imagining Possibilities,” offers separate tracks and keynote addresses for early childhood and elementary/secondary, as well as workshops for three time slots per track. Join us on Friday, November 4th! More at our website. Registration is open!
  • We are working to offer cost-savings in a variety of areas, such as copy/print, phone system, and websites. Information coming soon!
  • Look for continued growth of current programs: Cluster Meetings (this year’s focus is Retention and Social-Emotional Learning); Leaders Conferences (in February, focus on Retention, and in April, we’ll consider Social-Emotional Learning); an Early Childhood workshop day in March; the development of affinity groups for our early childhood centers; more support for Curriculum Development in K-12 Schools; Year 2 of our Future Leaders Academy; continued advocacy at federal, state, and local levels; plus assorted communications: Tuesday Memos (note: this is a change from past years!), Members-Only Portal, Teacher Resource Emails, and more!

Belonging to a professional organization means you are not alone as you work to build your ministry and engage in the work of your mission. For leaders and staff, it means learning opportunities and valuable information, and much, much more! If you are unsure about the benefits of membership, please contact the office, visit our website at, or talk with the leader of a current member school. In the NJ Membership section, you have two options: Join as a school and get full benefits or become an Associate Member and receive full benefits for yourself and discounted rates for your staff. Lutheran schools need not go it alone.

Blessings on your ministry,

Jessica Hinsch Raba Executive Director, Lutheran Schools Association

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