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September 2017


Dear School Leader,

    Fall is in the air and October on the horizon! Are you students still buzzing with excitement? Do you have new teachers or aides or support staff?  Are you in a new position? As September draws to an end, remember that you need not go it alone. Lutheran Schools Association is there for you and your school!

Here are a few exciting events and services for the coming school year:

  • This year’s annual conference, “Imagining Possibilities,” is Friday, October 20 at Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School in Brookville. If you've never attended this popular event, consider coming and bringing your staff. There's something for everyone! Details and registration here
  • Need a vendor for your school? Ask! We have cost-saving programs on file for office equipmentwebsite packages, and insurance - with more coming soon.
  • NJ now has its own Cluster Coordinator! Her name is Annette Valerio and during the school year, she will lead NJ Cluster Meetings for directors of NJ preschools..Be sure to attend these and get to know Annette. Her career includes teaching, being a principal and being a preschool director - as well as one of LSA's Cluster Coordinators for preschools in NYC.
  • Firespring is running a special Fall offer for LSA members. Even if you are not using their website package, you will have access to three free items.
  • Tuesday Newsletters, Members-Only Portal (to be launched this year, I promise!), and more!

Now, about this year's Membership Drive - it's on! All calculations for FY18 Membership Fees are to be done online. You have two membership options from which to choose. Complete the application that best fits your needs, then print a copy to submit with your check made payable to Lutheran Schools Association and mail to our NEW address: 171 White Plains Road, Bronxville, NY 10708 by October 31, 2017. You may also pay in two installments, 50% due October 31 and the balance due December 15, 2017. To discuss additional payment plans, please call me at 888.631.1149 x2 by October 13, 2017. 

May God bless your ministry,

Debbie Cook 

Director of Communications

  • Click for information about the two types of membership available.

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