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Info & Membership Application (New York Schools)

At its annual meeting on May 11, 2016, LSA members voted an increase in membership fees, calculated by pupil enrollment.  

The fee for full-day students in New York schools is $18.50pp. Students enrolled part-time in early childhood programs are calculated at $1.85 per half-day session. Sessions up to 3 hours in duration are considered half-day, and sessions more than 3 hours in duration are considered full-day. ​

Simply enter the number of students enrolled in the quantity for each scenario. Your school's fees will automatically be calculated and totaled. If a scenario does not apply to your school, please leave the quantity blank. Should you need additional scenarios, please contact Debbie Cook.

NEW: There is a new minimum fee of $175.00. Membership offers your school access to the HR Hotline plus discounts for conferences, School Specialty, and other cost-saving programs. This minimum fee reflects the value of these items to the entire membership. Please contact Jessica Raba (888.631.1149 x1) with any questions.

Payment Deadlines
Pay entire dues by October 14, 2016 OR in two installments: 50% of total due October 14, 2016 with balance due December 1, 2016.
To customize your payment plan, please contact Jessica Raba (888.631.1149 x1) before October 1, 2016.

Item Name Price Subtotal

Membership Application for NY Schools

2 half day sessions

$3.70 N/A

3 half day sessions

$5.55 N/A

4 half day sessions

$7.40 N/A

5 half day sessions

$9.25 N/A

2 full days

$7.40 N/A

3 full days

$11.10 N/A

4 full days

$14.80 N/A

5 full days (full-time students)

$18.50 N/A

UPK Students (5 half-days)

$9.25 N/A

UPK Students (5 full days)

$18.50 N/A

Minimum Payment for NY Schools

Note: If total is less than $175.00, please send completed form with totals, but remit $175.00 as payment.


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