2017 Annual Conference: Imagining Possibilties

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Early Childhood Track - Descriptions

EC1E - Dana Ostomel: Raise More Money with a Killer Website

With the right tools, your school will increase efficiency, raise awareness, enhance communications, improve fundraising and save valuable time and money. But choosing the right tools can be daunting. We often find ourselves managing multiple software platforms jumbled together and end up working harder to achieve less.

That's why LSA developed a website program with Firespring exclusively for our members to provide website tools at significant savings with a team of experts to support you.

Come to this workshop to learn how to master your online presence and leverage the power of your website. In addition to sharing nonprofit technology trends and best practices, you'll see firsthand what the web platform has to offer your school and discover:

· Why schools struggle with their digital presence.
· The ABCs of creating a killer website.
· An overview of the cost savings program.
· How the content management system and tools work.
· Answers to your questions during live Q&A.

Facilitator: Dana Ostomel
Audience: Administrators, Development Directors, Admissions Directors, Board Members
Format: Lecture (Sit and Get), Tangible Take-Away

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