2017 Annual Conference: Imagining Possibilties

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Early Childhood Track - Descriptions

EC1I-Lauren Tobing-Puente: The Relationship is Key - Developing Successful Parent-Teacher Relationships

Developing a positive, collaborative relationship between parents and teachers can be challenging for a variety of reasons. However, such relationships can make a significant difference for students, parents and teachers. This workshop will detail several tips and strategies to guide teachers and administrators increase their comfort level with parent communication and relationship-building. Sensitive topics including children’s challenging behaviors, special needs, and setting boundaries will be addressed. Case examples will be provided as well as opportunities for discussion about scenarios from the audience.

Facilitator: Lauren Tobing-Puente
Audience: Infant to Grade 5 Teachers, Administrators, Preschool Teaching Assistants
Format: Lecture (Sit and Get), Discussion-based
OCFS Training Areas: Area 2: Nutrition and Health Needs of Infants and Children

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