2017 Annual Conference: Imagining Possibilties

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Early Childhood Track - Descriptions

EC2E - Heather Pinedo-Burns: Story Stones (Part I)

Story stones are a unique manipulative, hand crafted using smooth stones, to encourage children's early literacy and foundational skills. In this two part workshop you will have the opportunity to create a variety of story stones to use in your classroom with your students. In the first part of the workshop we’ll learn how to make our story stones, using a variety of techniques, including easily accessible printouts, mixed media collage, and heat transfer embossing.

Then, while our story stones dry, we’ll explore a variety of approaches for creating and using this craft in your classroom with children. This hands on tactile manipulative and story sparker for children of all ages--toddlers through elementary school children, can be adapted to fit a variety of educational approaches. Teachers can use story stones to encourage early literacy explorations as well as mathematical concepts. Whether offering students story stones at choice time, at stations, or centers, or using them in different teacher led activities or assignments, they offer a unique tactile and visual cue to support all learners.

Facilitator: Heather Pinedo-Burns
Audience: Toddler, Nursery, Pre-K , and Grades K-2 Teachers; Preschool Teaching Assistants
Format: Interactive, Hands-On, Tangible Take-Away
OCFS Training Area(s): Area 1: Principles of Childhood Development; Area 3: Child Day Care Program Development
CTLE Curriculum

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