2017 Annual Conference: Imagining Possibilties

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Early Childhood Track - Descriptions

EC2I - Nicole Roccaro | Naturally Curious Children: The Project Approach to Curriculum Development

In this workshop participants will learn about the Project Approach to Curriculum Development. We will discuss how to settle on a project topic and begin planning, how to develop curriculum as well as, how and when to end a project. Finally, we will explore examples of previous investigations from beginning to end.

Facilitator: Nicole Roccaro | Naturally Curious Children
Audience: Toddler, Nursery, and Pre-K Teachers; Preschool Teaching Assistants
Format: Lecture (Sit and Get), Discussion-based
OCFS Training Area(s): Area 1 (Principles of Childhood Development), Area 3 (Child Day Care Program Development)
CTLE Area: Curriculum

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