Conference Speakers

Jay Billy (principal and author) How Do YOU Make School AMAZING for Students and Staff? School can be amazing. It can be a place where people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds enjoy learning together. Jay Billy explains that making school a place where students and staff want to be starts with culture. Culture is the “way we do things around here.” Culture is what fosters a sense of community— or drives a wedge between groups of people in your school. Leaders have the responsibility to give the children the best education possible, and that happens when we drive a culture of learning and positive strength. In Lead with Culture, Jay Billy shares personal stories and practical ideas for creating a sense of unity—even in the most diverse communities. You’ll learn how to . . . Inspire, encourage, and lead by example. Empower greatness in your teachers and staff. Build a culture of growth and learning. Cultivate an environment where love and kindness thrive. Honor diversity while fostering a strong community. Culture is what really matters in schools, and you have the power to shape it. Lead . . . with culture.

Allyson Apsey (principal and author) This presentation is about embracing all experiences, particularly our challenges, and allowing them to make us better. It is about stumbling upon the fortunes of life and looking at every experience as a treasure—those moments that bring us more pain than we thought possible, more joy than we feel we deserve, and everything in between.Outcomes: Five basic needs drive all behavior.  All behavior is purposeful, and all behavior is information.  We get to decide who we want to be and how we react to what life throws at us.  The only person who controls you is you.  We can’t always get what we want, and there are three things we can do when we don’t.  Respect means meeting our own needs without interfering with someone else trying to meet their needs.  Strong, positive relationships are essential to our well-being, and they take work! This presentation is a journey of reflection and self-discovery. The interactive format features innovative technology tools. The participants will feel big, ask themselves important questions, laugh, maybe cry, and be compelled to improve for tomorrow.