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Improve Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Improve Your Life in 5 Easy Steps
Your ability to be happy can be determined by your attitude, your character and how you spend your time. Take stock of your life and begin to realize that the amount of peace and happiness you enjoy is entirely up to you. Follow the suggestions below to improve your life:
1. Don’t Call Me!
According to a recent Glass Door Survey, the average US employee takes only half of their vacation time, and when they do take time off, 66% admit that they do some work during that time. This is disturbing news since the wellness, morale, performance and productivity of employees are all impacted when they do not take their vacation time. Employees who take their vacations experience greater job satisfaction and report greater levels of engagement at their jobs than employees who don’t take breaks from work. It is important for managers to not only encourage vacation time, but to allow employees to “unplug” during that time to avoid burn out and return to work refreshed.

2. Be Grateful!
Gratitude is fundamental to peace and happiness—not wealth, glamour or adventure, but simple appreciation for what you have. Just because you can’t afford expensive restaurants, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a meal. So, practice looking for things to be grateful for, rather than looking for things that you don’t have. The truth is that the more you look for things that are good about your life, the happier you will be.
3. Get organized!
Most people complain about not having enough time, yet we frequently waste time by not being organized. A disorganized home and office can add stress to anyone’s day. Follow the rule of one touch. Rather than touching things multiple times before we do something with it, (for example, putting the mail down in the kitchen and then moving it to the table so we can cook dinner, then moving it again to make room to eat) create a space for all of those little things you need to take care of. This will help you avoid wasting time searching through a huge pile of stuff for the one thing you need and will help to reduce your stress.

4. Be Curious
Make it a priority to learn something new each day. Regardless of your age, there are always things to learn. Keeping your mind open to learning new habits is a great way to stay engaged and happy with your life. You may want to learn a new language, or learn how to paint, or learn a new dance or exercise or yoga pose. Set a goal to learn one thing a day and then challenge yourself to make it happen.
5. Get started!
Many people procrastinate when they feel they cannot easily complete a task. We tend to freeze up when it’s time to get started because we dread the idea of doing a certain task. Rather than postponing the inevitable, it is best to get the tasks that are most difficult for you out of the way first. Once the more difficult tasks are out of the way, you can relax and focus on the tasks you really enjoy.

Mindy Stern, SPHR, SHRM – SCP, ACC is a leadership and career coach, author, speaker and trusted HR advisor. She spent over two decades in human resource roles and is now president of AIM Resource Group Inc. To learn more, visit the website at

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