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Real-Time Feedback

Real-Time Feedback
As we move into spring, employees and managers begin to think about their performance reviews. The fact is that providing and receiving effective feedback should not be a one time a year event. Employees respond best to real-time feedback, such as immediate praise for a job well done, so that they can repeat the desired performance or make improvements where necessary. Waiting six months to hear positive or negative feedback from the manager is not very effective. To encourage continuous performance improvement, here are some tips to keep in mind:

A managers most important job.
The most important job of any manager is to provide the resources necessary to ensure their employee’s success. Resources include the managers’ time and experience to help employees appropriately navigate the work environment. If you want your team to perform at their best, then providing real-time feedback will give them the resources they need to learn and grow.

Employees want prompt feedback.
Employees deserve and want timely and prompt feedback. Managers should take the opportunity to provide feedback as soon as possible and look for daily learning opportunities to reinforce important skills.

Provide opportunity for dialogue.
The most effective feedback involves a two-way conversation. If the manager and the employee engage in a dialogue and actively listen to each other’s thoughts, the outcome will be more satisfying and productive for both employee and manager.

Provide clear expectations.
If the employee doesn’t know what is expected, the manager cannot expect good results. Be clear about your expectations and hold employees accountable for specific deliverables.

Focus on strengths.
In order to have the greatest impact on an employee’s success, focus on what is most relevant for the employee’s growth and put an emphasis on the employee’s strengths. Providing employees with ongoing strength-based feedback is the most effective way to encourage performance improvement.

Do you have questions about how to provide effective feedback to your employees? Contact Mindy Stern SPHR, SHRM-SCP, ACC and president of AIM Resource Group Inc. Visit the website at or send an email to with questions.

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