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Serve a Lutheran School in the Metro-NY area. 

Director of Residential Life, Long Island Lutheran

Long Island Lutheran is currently accepting applications for the Director of Residential Life position. Please email your cover letter and resume to Executive Assistant Applications should be submitted by Friday, August 10th.

Long Island Boarding

Director of Residential Life


The Director of Residential Life oversees the boarding program for Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School (LuHi), known as Long Island Boarding (LIB). The director is required to live onsite in the residence facility and required to select, train, supervise, and evaluate staff for a group of 14 apartments. The Director of Residential Life serves as the legal guardian for international students attending LuHi. Students are both male and female, ranging in age from 8th to 12th grade. This position reports directly to the Head of School. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise a maximum of 50 students, maintaining a safe, secure, healthy, and positive living environment.
Lead a staff that includes 1 office operations and activities director, 2 residential counselors, 1 senior assistant counselor and a maximum of 15 assistant counselors in the residence halls and/or on Long Island Lutheran campus. Evaluate the performance of staff members on a regular basis, ensuring all are in compliance with Long Island Boarding policies and procedures.
Work alongside LuHi faculty and staff to guide students in their educational journey, as well as ensure that students follow the school’s Code of Conduct.
Develop and demonstrate a multicultural awareness and contribute to cultivating an inclusive, diverse and respectful community.
Manage and monitor all expenditures for Long Island Boarding
Respond to all inquiries and concerns from students, LuHi staff, residence facility, and parents related to the program.
Work with LuHi administration, residential counselors, Public Safety officers, and residence facility management team to respond to crisis situations in accordance with emergency procedures.

Skills and Competencies

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be an effective leader. He or she must be culturally sensitive and aware of the unique needs of international students. Candidates should be organized and encourage a culture of organization amongst the staff. He or she must also love children and care deeply for their well-being. Strong interpersonal skills are essential, as the director must communicate effectively with the Head of School, the residence facility team, vendors, administrators, faculty, staff, students and their families.


Bachelor’s degree required
Experience working in residential life preferred

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