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Serve a Lutheran School in the Metro-NY area. 

Recruitment Associate

Mission:In response to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther School challenges mind and
body and shapes Christian character so that students succeed as God's people in this world.
Our Admissions department is tasked with providing a welcoming experience for general inquiries,
applicants and families that are seeking educational opportunities for middle and high school enrollment.
We provide a private, co-educational experience that is a small school and a smart choice. We are
seeking a diverse team of recruitment specialists for middle & high school.
Job Responsibilities-This is temp part time role (15-20 hrs) seeking a specialist that is bi-lingual and has
cultural competencies. This role reports to the Director of Recruitment & Admissions
Student Recruitment
● Develop and implement a targeted recruitment plan
● Prepare and deliver marketing packets and materials to community contacts, centers, schools,
local officials, etc
● Establish presentation dates at minority based orgs, schools, youth services, and churches
● Complete daily reports related to recruitment and enrollment goals
● Invite your leads to ‘Book a Tour’ and facilitate the tours
● Manage communications and relationships with feeder schools, partner institutions, and the
broader educational community; phone calls, emails and in person
● Attend student recruitment fairs collecting inquiry contact information and follow-up
● Track the status of all of your leads Oct-August
Community Building
● Identify key community leaders and engage accordingly.
● Initiate the conversation with community-based organizations in Queen New York.
● Attend street fairs, community events, and social gatherings
● Research potential partners
● Bachelor Degree preferred
● Must be bilingual and culturally competent for the targeted demography
● Must be a reliable self-starter who is comfortable with the demands of travel and recruitment
● Must have a valid driver's license and reliable vehicle
● Must have professional demeanor with good oral presentation skills
● Must be able to conduct public presentations
● Must be organized and able to articulate strategy and plans
The standard work schedule for this position is flexible and may require evening hours.
How to apply: For full consideration please forward your resume to Mr. Obed Figueroa, Director of
Recruitment and Admissions formal interview is required.

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