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Lutheran schools need not go it alone.

Membership FAQs

  1. Why join?
  2. What features are included?
  3. How are membership fees determined?
  4. What levels of membership are available?
  5. How might we find funds for membership?
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  1. Why join?

    Why join?

    Membership in Lutheran Schools Association (LSA) connects you to other school leaders, teachers, and support staff. By joining, you can save time and money. Get advice, advocacy at local and state levels; professional training for educators needing CTLE or OCFS hours; gain access to budget-saving programs, testing options, human resources, office equipment, school supplies, and more.

    Founded in the spirit of collaboration 40 years ago, we operate to strengthen Lutheran schools in the Metro-NY area. Join us!

  2. What features are included?

    Keep abreast of new funding and service opportunities available to non-public schools;
    Get support in accessing and using Title funding.

    Conferences for teachers and school leaders
    Annual recognition for years of service and other honors
    Quarterly Teacher Resource emails, curated by our staff and sent directly to all teachers at member schools
    Support and Collaboration with NYS grades 3-8 ELA, Math tests, NYSESLAT, and Regents exams, plus achievement testing

    Access cost-saving programs through LSA, such as discounts on supplies, insurance, etc.
    Virtual Human Resources support!
    Connect with other Lutheran schools via Regional Clusters and Affinity Groups

    Need something? Email and we'll do our best to help you.

  3. How are membership fees determined?

    School membership fees are calculated on a per pupil basis depending on the amount of time a student spends in school each week. A full-time student rate is approved at the Annual Meeting each spring, and fractions determined from that base fee.

  4. What levels of membership are available?

    School Membership
    At this level, all members of a school's staff receives all features listed above for the duration of the school year in which membership begins. The minimum School Membership fee is $175.00.

    Individual Membership
    An Associate member is an individual. The person may be connected to a school or simply interested in being part of LSA. Associates receive some of the features, including associate member rates to conferences and LSA's weekly communication. Note: If you are a school leader, your staff does not get the discounted rate at conferences.

    The fee for Associate Members is $150/year.

  5. How might we find funds for membership?

    How might we find funds for membership?

    Many schools include the per student member fee in their registration fees. Setting up a restricted account helps to ensure that payment can be made at the start of each school year.


We feel grateful for LSA! The staff is always responsive and supportive, providing guidance and great resources. As we look to diversify our teaching methods and to become more comfortable with the technology available, the professional development workshops by LSA were essential in bolstering our confidence to take on new challenges.  - C. King, Lutheran Elementary School

I thank God everyday for LSA and what it does for our school.  - M. Leake, Trinity Lutheran School

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