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 “Start children off on they way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Dear School Leader,
Since its inception in 1977, Lutheran Schools Association (LSA) has been committed to
assisting the ministries of schools and early childhood centers within our Lutheran church
bodies. This year is no different. We remain committed to helping Lutheran Schools bring the Light of Christ into a world in need of it.

While we acknowledge LSA has been less active during the last few years, the Board of
Directors is excited to share what has been in the works in recent weeks.  Dr. Laura Labenberg was hired as the new Executive Director of LSA the end of June. With energy and enthusiasm, she has already:

 visited 9 different schools (with 5 more scheduled)
 held several meetings with key figures with our ELCA Synod, LCMS District, Nassau
BOCES, Evangelical Lutheran Education Association, and other non-public advocacy
 joined 4 boards for advocacy at the State, city and local levels
 sent a letter on behalf of LSA to NYS in reference to its Substantially Equivalent
Instruction proposal
 accepted a lump sum of money to support leadership training (the reason we could have a
conference this year, and at a lower price than in previous years)
 uncovered a cache of unclaimed Title monies (more information on that to come)
 secured free sexual harassment training for member schools to fulfill the State mandate
 completed a webinar training on how to update and make full use of our website
 organized a fundraiser / social gathering to a Mets Baseball game at Citi Field

The Board believes this is only the beginning of what is possible as we move forward.
LSA will continue to serve as facilitator and advocate for our Lutheran Schools through:

 professional development opportunities at conferences or on-site at schools
 coordination of State testing requirements
 other resources, such as HR or tech consultations
 bringing you the information you need to know from State, city and county, such as PreK
 work with partners to provide meaningful group services and discounts
 listening to your questions and concerns

LSA will strive to be a caring partner, connecting you to the greater Lutheran Community
and helping you to connect with your constituents.

We pray that you can see the benefit of membership and can trust our commitment to
you. To be a part of LSA, you simply need to join or renew your existing membership. All
calculations for membership fees can be done online ( Once calculated, you may print a copy of the completed form and submit it with your check, made payable to Lutheran Schools Association. Please send the form and check in care of Laura Labenberg to LSA, 171 White Plains Road, Bronxville, NY 10708.

Please pay your membership dues by October 15th. To pay in two installments, you may
send 50% by October 15th and the balance by December 15th.  For additional payment plans, please email with your request.

In His Peace,

Ms. Kathy Witto
President, LSA Board of Directors


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