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Membership Info & Application for NJ Early Childhood Centers & Preschools

Membership fees for New Jersey schools are based on $13 per full-time student, with part-time students calculated at $1.30 per half-day session. Sessions up to 3 hours in duration are considered half-day, and sessions more than 3 hours in duration are considered full-day. ​

Simply enter the number of students enrolled in the quantity box for each scenario. Your school's fees will automatically be calculated and totaled. If a scenario does not apply to your school, please leave the quantity blank. 

There is a minimum fee of $125.00 for schools. Membership features include discounts for conferences, School Specialty, and other cost-saving programs. 

Payment Deadlines
Pay entire dues by October 13, 2018 OR in two installments: 50% of total due October 13, 2018 with balance due December 1, 2018.
To customize your payment plan further, please contact 1-833-GO LSA NY (1-833-465-7269) before October 1, 2018.

Item Name Price Subtotal

Membership Application for NJ Schools

5 half day sessions

$6.50 N/A

4 half day sessions

$5.20 N/A

3 half day sessions

$3.90 N/A

2 half day sessions

$2.60 N/A

5 full days (full-time students)

$13.00 N/A

4 full days

$10.40 N/A

3 full days

$7.80 N/A

2 full days

$5.20 N/A

UPK Students (5 half-days)

$6.50 N/A

UPK Students (5 full days)

$13.00 N/A

Minimum Payment for NJ Schools

Note: If your calculation totals less than $125.00, please send completed form with check for $125.00 to Lutheran Schools Association.

$125.00 N/A

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