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Learn which type of membership is best for you and your school. 

Type of Membership School Membership Associate Membership
Cost $13 per FT student (calculated online and paid by check) Fee of $130.00 covers only one individual.
Price per preschooler $1.30/half-day session in preschool
Registrations Entire staff attends conference at discount rate. Only Associate Member pays discounted rate for conferences; staff registers at non-member rate.
Resources Access to Members-only portal on LSA’s website with templates and other resources May request one free template.
Human Resources Access to HR Hotline No access to HR
Cluster Meetings Participate in all cluster meetings Participate in all cluster meetings
Communications Weekly newsletter with helpful information and offers Weekly newsletter with helpful information and offers
Cost-saving Programs Access to cost-savings options: School Specialty, Firespring website packages, copiers from LDI, and more Access to some cost-savings programs, such as School Specialty and office equipment from LDI Color Toolbox
Payment Deadlines Full payment due October 31; or pay in 2 installments - 50% by October 31 and the balance by December 15, 2018. Full payment of $130 due October 31; or pay in 2 installments - $65 due October 31 and $65 due by December 15, 2018.

Download comparison of Features.

  • Learn the differences between a School Membership and an Associate Membership. Which option works best for you and your staff?

    LSA is pleased to introduce Annette Valerio as New Jersey Cluster Coordinator! Annette previously served LSA as Cluster 3 Coordinator (UPKs in New York City), and was a preschool director in Queens. She recently moved to The Garden State, and looks forward to meeting you!

Item Name Price Subtotal

Membership Application for NJ Schools

5 half day sessions

$6.50 N/A

4 half day sessions

$5.20 N/A

3 half day sessions

$3.90 N/A

2 half day sessions

$2.60 N/A

5 full days (full-time students)

$13.00 N/A

4 full days

$10.40 N/A

3 full days

$7.80 N/A

2 full days

$5.20 N/A

UPK Students (5 half-days)

$6.50 N/A

UPK Students (5 full days)

$13.00 N/A

Minimum Payment for NJ Schools

Note: If your calculation totals less than $125.00, please send completed form with check for $125.00 to Lutheran Schools Association.

$125.00 N/A

Membership Application for NJ Associates

Fee for Associate Members

$130.00 N/A

Make Two Payments

If you choose to make two payments of $65.00, the 1st is due October 31, 2018, and 2nd payment is due December 15, 2018.

$65.00 N/A

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